Monday, July 30, 2007

Kyle's drawings

Here are some of Kyle Bice's sketches. The first one is Ginger Stone the rest are of Naughty Natanya.

The next session will be August 18th. More details to follow....

Pictures from the first session

Here are a couple of photos of our fabulous models posing during our very first drawing session.

Naughty Natanya being naughty:

The lovely Ginger Stone:

Friday, July 6, 2007

Meet July's Models!

For the Brimstone Drawing Club's inaugural event, we've scored two amazing models for your drawing pleasure! Your alt model of the month will be Ginger Stone, a fetish/art model, actor and singer. She's also a martial arts practitioner and stunt performer! Joining us to represent the pin-up team is fine art model and burlesque performer Naughty Natanya. You've probably drawn her before (the girl gets around!) but never like this!

Who's excited? We know we are! We'll see you at The Playground on the 21st!