Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 17th! Be there or draw squares!

Why do you want to join us on Saturday, May 17th for the next BDC? We'll tell you why! Look below, and feast your eyes on the lithe and radiant Danielle!
Danielle teaches and performs many forms of belly dance, as well as Javanese Court Dance and Balinese Ritual Dance. She is also an accomplished practitioner of the Argentine Tango! What does that mean for you, oh lucky artists? Beautiful poses and amazing costumes, that's what! You can find out more about Danielle on her website:

Need another reason to show? How about this sassy dame?

This month's pin-up model is Chee-Chee Claquette, an adorable tow-headed jazz and tap dancer recently featured knocking audience's socks off at the Varietease Cabaret (see the above photo by BCJ Photography). We can't wait for her to bring her patented brand of charm to our session!

Join us on May 17th! The event runs from 1-4 at the Playground Theater (3209 N. Halsted). Admission is $10. Bring your sketchbooks and prepare to be wowed!

And what about last month's session, you ask? Well, just look!

Kitten Kaboodle charmed the crowd with her doe-eyed delightfulness (and her dazzling costumes!).

Kitten Kaboodle, by K Marie Ratticus.
Kitten Kaboodle, by George C. Clark.
Kitten Kaboodle, by Leda Zawacki.
Also joining us was Ms. Tamale, who scorched the stage with her beauty (and her amazing tattoos!)
Ms. Tamale, by Leda Zawacki.
Ms. Tamale, by dcbCreative.
Ms. Tamale, by George C. Clark.
Ms. Tamale, by Kyle Bice.

Is your appetite sufficiently whetted? We though so. See you in May!


NotNits said...

I'm severely bummed I'm going to miss this one! Nurtz.

Natanya said...

We'll miss you! Hopefully, we'll catch you in June.